Eastport Home and Garden Tour

One of the homes on this year's tour
One of the homes on this year's tour
The 9th Annual Eastport Home and Garden Tour will showcase houses & gardens in the neighborhood bounded by Burnside Street, Back Creek, Chester Avenue, State Street, and Chesapeake Avenue.  You will have the opportunity to tour seven unique Eastport houses, learning about their history, design, and gardens. From an old cottage restored by its owners to its original charm, a new house filled with artwork and antiques, and a home renovation that includes a huge kitchen with enough storage space for everything a cook would need and more, you'll experience the variety of styles that make our neighborhood an eclectic haven.  
Tickets are available at K&B True Value, at Glamour Nails and Ahh! Coffee in the Eastport Shopping Center,  and also at Annebeth's and Niland & Company Jewelers on Maryland Ave.  Tickets may also be purchased online at http://www.eastportcivic.org/home---garden-tour.html.


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