Healthy Holiday Treats, Hands-Only CPR, Merry Christmakwanzaka: Maryland Local Voices

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IKalanguya IVadoi wrote about moving to Havre de Grace. Start a blog about your town! (Photo Credit: IKalanguya IVadoi)
IKalanguya IVadoi wrote about moving to Havre de Grace. Start a blog about your town! (Photo Credit: IKalanguya IVadoi)

Experts, thought leaders and local writers on Patch:

Take Action in a Crisis

Learning CPR can save lives but there are different ways to administer it. “You never know when you will need to act fast to help save a life, including the life of a loved one. Don't be the one standing around, be the one taking action.” Learn more from Rich Gardiner and Jen Chenworth-Price of the Harford County Volunteer Fire/EMS Association in the blog post: Hands Only CPR and Termination of Care.

Merry Christmas! Oops, Did I Say Something Wrong?

Blogger Aliza Worthington wrote that it's especially difficult to greet someone in December. "Do we wish them happiness in the holiday THEY celebrate? Or do we wish them well in the holiday WE celebrate?" wrote Worthington in her blog post Happy ANYTHING, Okay? One Patch reader suggested this greeting: “Merry Christmakwanzaka.” Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

The Weather Outside Might Get Frightening

“Marylanders should prepare for the return of the days of shiver this winter season, with below-average temperatures and higher-than-average precipitation along the East Coast,” according to the blog post An Unpredictable Winter. See what locals in Chevy Chase had to say about the forecast. The blog is written by Lejla Sarcevic, a journalism student working on her master's degree who writes about the “goings on around town.” Click here to read all her posts.

Holiday Gluttony Made Healthy

While most holiday treats are full of sugar, there are many recipes that are healthy and fun to make. David Clark of Patient First blogged about a festive trail mix that uses cereal, dried fruit and nuts mixed with a few red and green candies or mini chocolate chips. Other suggestions include fruit kabobs and making “reindeer faces” on wheat crackers. See more in the post: Have A Healthy Holiday Celebration.

Look at YOUR Town with Fresh Eyes; You Might Be Surprised What You See

Are you new to your town? We’d love to read your observations about local life! “I adore the simplicity and quietness of the city. I had taken a morning stroll at the promenade one afternoon and it feels great to meet the refreshing soft breeze coming from the bay,” wrote blogger IKalanguya IVadoi about Havre de Grace. Check out the post "Har de Grace" for more insights. Start your blog today to tell us why you love where you live.

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