Hillsmere House Definitely Ready for Easter

Homeowner Leslie Donaldson enjoys decorating for holidays and says, "I think the Easter display gets more response than the Christmas [display]."

For those who regularly travel Hillsmere Drive, the holidays of Easter and take on the added treat of seeing what Leslie Donaldson has done to her house.

For her house is like none other. It is a showcase of creativity and exuberance.

"I've been doing the tree for about 15 years," Donaldson said about the tree in her front yard decorated with a lot—seriously—of Easter eggs.

How many Easter eggs? Let's just say a lot, because it's top secret.

"The community is very supportive. They do the contest every year," Donaldson said.  "Just for Hillsmere residents, 12 and under, how many Easter eggs are on the tree."

How much time it takes to put all those eggs on the tree is not top secret.

"The tree usually takes about five days," Donaldson said. "I can do the rest in probably two. It depends on the weather."

By "the rest," Donaldson means eggs all over the lawn, lollipop ornaments lining her walkway, rooftop decorations, lights hanging from her eaves and well, other Easter-related lawn ornaments and some blow-up characters.

"I usually give myself about two weeks," said Donaldson, who gets some help from her husband. "I converted him. It took a long time, but he supports me."

She's no stranger to decking out her house for holidays, she goes all out for Christmas, too.

"I was taking some garland away as I as putting up the roof [for Easter]," Donaldson said, with a laugh.

If you think it's always fun and easy work, think again. 

"I broke my back doing Christmas decorations—Dec. 8, 2008," Donaldson said. "I fell off a ladder."

She said her recovery goal was to do an Easter display.

"It was something to look forward to," she said.

And now a lot of people look forward to it, too.

"I think the Easter display gets more response than the Christmas," said Donaldson.


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