PHOTOS: Annapolis City Dock Floods to Circle After Sandy

Deputy Harbormaster says if the water doesn't recede by high tide Tuesday night, it could cross Market Space.

City Dock in downtown Annapolis flooded up to Randall Street and Memorial Circle as water levels rose by more than 4 feet on Tuesday morning due to the local impact of Hurricane Sandy.

"She's almost ready to come over the boardwalk," Deputy Harbormaster Bill Brookes said. "It's the whole front section on Dock Street. It's up to the stores, but it's not over the bulkhead."

Sveinn Storm, owner of Storm Bros. Ice Cream Factory on Dock Street, spent the night in his shop running his pump.

"It's not too bad, we stayed fairly dry," Storm said. "We didn't need the big pump until the city sewer starting failing ... I'm going to get my second pump soon."

City officials expect the water level to crest at 4.8 feet on Tuesday morning sometime between 6 and 8 a.m., but the real concern is what will happen Tuesday night.

"We're about high tide right now," Brookes said. "Tonight's high tide, that might be an issue, and that's what we're waiting on." 

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If the water doesn't recede enough, Brooks said the next surge could push it past the Market House and onto Market Space. The water would have to rise to 5.2 feet to reach the Market House. During Hurricane Isabel in 2003, the water rose to 7.5 feet above its normal level.

"Our biggest concern is going to be flooding for the next 10 to 12 hours," said Rhonda Wardlaw, a city spokesperson.

In addition to City Dock, there is a foot of water at Compromise and Newman streets, at Prince George Street and at boat ramp pier at Truxtun Park.

The other concern is the power.

A lineman for Baltimore Gas and Electric was out at City Dock around 7:30 a.m. inspecting the gas lines in and around the dock to determine whether they would need to be shut off. The harbormaster shut off power at the docks at 6:30 a.m.

If the power goes out, Storm would no longer be able to run his pumps and he fears his store would flood.

He said, "If they do that, I'm screwed."

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