'Tanked' Stars Show Off New Aquariums at Westfield Annapolis Mall

Two aquariums being built by the TV show's experts will be centerpieces for a remodeled section of the mall that will include a new dining cafe.

The stars of the Animal Planet TV show Tanked were filming at the Westfield Annapolis mall over the weekend as they constructed two giant fish tanks.

One of the new aquariums built in the mall's new dining area near Banana Republic will feature a nautical theme with U.S. Navy memorabilia—including flags, a hand-crafted ship's mast and Caribbean fish.

Tanked is in its fourth season and follows a team around the country as they work with high-profile clients, including celebrities and big-name companies, to install aquariums. Co-stars of the show are Brett Raymer and Wayde King, brothers-in-law from the Las Vegas-based company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

The duo were in Annapolis for the construction of two massive aquariums in a remodeled section of the mall that will feature a new dining area, expected to open this week.

One tank is cylindrical and nautical-themed: 60 inches in diameter and 91 inches tall, with a handmade ship's mast running through the center and sticking out of the top, bearing Navy flags. Swimming inside will be saltwater fish from the Caribbean. The other tank, a Z-shaped aquarium, will also serve as a table for up to 15 kids in the new dining area.

Though the team has made million-gallon aquariums, they said smaller themed tanks can also be a big challenge. 

"Doing themed tanks, we have a lot of components that have to be considered. It gets intricate—there are more pieces to the puzzle," Raymer said.

The ship-themed aquarium was created in their Las Vegas factory, disassembled and shipped to Annapolis where the crew rebuilt it at the mall.

Transitioning from their everyday jobs to filming their work on TV changed their lives like a light switch, said Raymer. Both stars talked about the struggle to balance work, show and family.

"Basically you have no life," King said. "It's not something that's cut out for everybody."

Raymer said doing the job and the show combined was essentially like holding down two jobs while away from home. But the reward for the team is in sharing their love of aquariums with the world.

"We love the aquariums, we love the theming, and we love that the world sees what we do," King said, noting that the show is aired in 200 countries worldwide.

The episode of Tanked filmed at the mall is scheduled to air on June 7 at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet, although that is subject to change.

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