Ballet Theatre of Maryland Loses Battle of the Ballets

Friendly wager with Boston Ballet comes due following the Ravens loss to the Patriots.

The Ballet Theatre of Maryland had challenged Boston Ballet to bragging rights as a way to support the Baltimore Ravens as they were preparing to take on the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game.

We don't need to rehash how that game turned out and just suffice it to say the local ballet company had to make good on its bet with the Boston outfit.

The wager was that the ballet associated with the losing team would have to post a video to the Internet of the entire company announcing, "We love the ..." As it turned out, the Ballet Theatre of Maryland dancers were the ones to swallow their pride and declare their "love" for the Patriots.

Also, as part of the bet, the losing company's artistic director had to wear the other team's jersey.

At least most of the Maryland dancers wore purple.

Do know someone who had to do something for losing a bet on the Ravens game?


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