Irish Dance Flash Mob Hits Westfield Annapolis

The Teelin School of Irish Dance performed an impromptu dance at the center court of the Parole mall on St. Patrick's Day.

The Teelin School of Irish Dance entertained shoppers at Saturday with a flash mob performance of some Irish dance steps.

The impromptu dance started with a single dancer and eventually grew to include a large troupe dancing throughout the main court area of the mall. The dancers completed their number then went back about their shopping.

Flash mobs generally include large numbers of people coordinating a performance in a public area and seemingly spontaneously singing or dancing, with the results shared online.

This isn't the first flash mob to hit the mall.

For the past two years inside Nordstrom's at Christmastime. The first year the group performed "Hallelujah Chorus" and this past holiday members sang a medley and urged shoppers to join in.


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