Adams Automotive Severs Ties With GMC Truck, Buick

Letter to customers states, "New GM very difficult to work with."

In a letter to customers, announced as of the end of January, it will no longer be a Buick/GMC truck dealership.

Signed by Bobby Adams, president of Adams Automotive, the letter states, "It is a bittersweet time at Adams Automotive." It continues, "After much thought and planning we reached this decision because we found the New GM very difficult to work with."

In June 2009, General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company later emerged from bankruptcy and was reorganized with assistance from the federal government, which The Washington Post referred to as a "landmark government bailout."

"A number of factors contributed to the decision, but the main one was the inability to get their commitment for product allocation for 2012 to meet our market needs and allow us to continue to grow," the Adams letter states.

In a call to Bobby Adams this morning, he said the letter sums up the entire situation.

"The new General Motors, post bankruptcy, has been pretty difficult to deal with," he said. 

Whether GM is not manufacturing enough vehicles for the market or not allocating enough for a dealer remains a question.

"I can't get an exact answer from General Motors on that other than that they will not allocate enough vehicles for us to grow," said Adams.

As of Jan. 30, Adams Automotive will no longer sell new Buicks or GMC trucks, nor will it provide warranty repairs on those vehicles. 

"We will still be able to perform routine maintenance and service with our GM trained and certified technicians on all GM products," the letter states.

According to the letter, the "sweet side" of the "bittersweet" is the addition of Chrysler, Dodge and Ram trucks to the Jeep line at the dealership. 

"While we understand change can be challenging, we are confident that the addition of Chrysler, Dodge and Ram Trucks will provide the best opportunity for Adams to continue serving the greater Annapolis area's transportation needs with dedicated personnel and personal attention we are known for."

Leave a comment to let us know if this change will impact you. Have you purchased vehicles from Adams that are affected?   

RGM January 11, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Yes!! Back to burnouts on West Street again...


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