Couples Compete to Win $15,000 Ring

Smyth Jewelers will host its third annual Annapolis Diamond Dash on Sept. 15.

More than 250 couples will descend on the  on Saturday hoping to be the lucky pair who wins a $15,000 diamond ring.

The two-member teams will solve puzzles, find clues and complete physical challenges as part of ' third annual Annapolis Diamond Dash.

"We’d heard about other people doing it around the county, and it’s just a fun way for people to get involved and get an opportunity to get an engagement ring," Smyth's Director of Advertising Ruthann Carroll said.

More than 40 clues will be sent out at random times to the mobile phones of each participant between noon and 2 p.m. The pair that successfully completes the most challenges in the time frame wins.

The contest also is open to pairs who aren't in a romantic relationship.

"It can be any two people," Carroll said. "One year the winner was two guys. One happened to be the brother of the girl the guy wanted to ask the girl to marry. He helped his future brother-in-law win the ring to get the opportunity to ask his sister."

The games will be played exclusively within the borders of the Parole shopping center, and Carroll said all the challenges will be within walking distance. Some of the other businesses in the center will participate in the games by hosting challenges or featuring special items that people will need to find and take pictures with.

The online form—which you can get to by clicking here—also requires each team member enter his or her cellphone because certain phone types are not compatible with the Scvngr software being used for the game.

Carroll said she anticipates about 500 people or 250 couples will compete.

There will also be second and third place prizes, but Carroll said the store has not decided on what those will be. One year they did matching watches and another year they gave out pearl sets.

People are encouraged to register by Thursday evening, and they must show up to confirm that registration in person at 11 a.m. Saturday. The winners will be announced at the Smyth store in the towne centre at about 4 p.m.

Are you going to compete for the ring?


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