Annapolis Gift Guide: Mary & Blanche

A look at potential gifts from a local business for someone on your holiday list.

As the holiday season approaches, Patch will be visiting area businesses to get a sense of what they have to offer for holiday shoppers looking to save, spend or splurge on gifts.

Today's gift ideas come from Mary & Blanche, a downtown Annapolis shop located at 188 Main St.

The store is full of unique, off-beat items like bacon flavored toothpaste and infaltable animal heads. There is a range of books, barware, office toys and clothing.

SAVE (Items $5 or less):

  1. Mints ($2.99)—The mint tins by the counter come in a variety of silly packaging, including After Therapy Mints, Sin-O-Mints and Enlighten Mints. The store's co-owner Blanche Rainford said they make great stocking stuffers.
  2. Bacon Balm ($3.99)—The store carried a wide selection of bacon flavored products including this flavored lip balms. Rainford said the bacon items—including the bacon breath spray—are big sellers.
  3. 10-color pen ($3.99)—Rainford said these pens are a big hit with kids and parents because aspiring artists can carry 10 different colors choices without it taking up a lot of space.

SPEND (Items $15 or less):

  1. Fake Mustaches ($8.99)—The store stocks a variety of mustache themed gifts like this set which gives the receiver a different fake mustache to wear each day of the week.
  2. Inflatable Mistletoe ($10.99)—Rainford said these are often shipped overseas to loved ones serving in the military as a fun way to say I love you.
  3. Rude Hand Gesture of the World book ($12.95)—The book has photographs of models demonstrating offending gestures from around the globe with a brief explanation of its meaning and origin.

SPLURGE (Items $30 or less):

  1. Red Cup Wineglass set ($17.99)—Ceramic cups molded to look like plastic cups sit atop wineglass stems. A fun gift for people in their early twenties whose beer pong days aren't so far behind them.
  2. Inflatable Animal Heads ($21.99)—Rainford said these inflatable animals sell really well, especially the moose head and make good gag gifts for hunters.
  3. Toilet Bowl Water Dish (23.99)—This ceramic water dish is good for smaller dogs or cats. It uses any plastic two-liter bottle to hold the water.


Want your business highlighted in the gift guide? Email:Anna.Staver@patch.com

Editor's Note: The price points for save, spend and splurge are based off the price range at each business highlighted in the gift guide.


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