Annapolis Naval Bagels Doubles its Size, Expands Menu and Offerings

Lounge at the new Naval Bagels, which reopened Nov. 27.

The newly renovated  Naval Bagels in Annapolis. (Photo by D. Frank Smith)
The newly renovated Naval Bagels in Annapolis. (Photo by D. Frank Smith)
The popular bagel shop in Annapolis recently completed a huge renovation—more than doubling its size and expanding its scope and menu.

Earlier this year, Naval Bagels purchased the adjacent Admiral Cleaners, then tore down the wall to enhance the size of the shop.

The renovated store opened to the public on Nov. 27, and the reception has been strong, said store manager Stephen Sanchez.

The new size affords customers a large seating area, a place to watch TV, and restrooms. The entire front-facing portion of the store has been renovated—including new lighting and furnishings.

"It still has the same in-and-out feel, but now customers have the option of sitting down and chilling out for a while," Sanchez said.

In the back, the kitchen has been doubled in size, giving employees access to a new prep kitchen and the capacity to double the business' bagel output.

Also new are fresh soups, made at the store. Sanchez said they'll soon be offering a larger variety, possibly up to five soups per day.

Sanchez said the larger size is filling their ideas with how they can grow the business to new frontiers.

"We're wholesaling more, and right now we're trying to build up our clients," Sanchez said. 

Visit the new Naval Bagels at 609A Taylor Avenue in Annapolis.


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