Bites Nearby: Finding a Great Burger

Patch editors in the region offer some tips on where to find some of the area's best burgers. What did we leave off the list?

What is American cuisine? Does it really exist? When considering the hamburger, the answer has to be “yes.”

There are plenty of great options throughout the region, so Patch editors throughout the region to include their choices for “best burger in town.”

Annapolis— in Hillsmere may not be one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of going to get a great burger, but it should. You may know and love the eclectic spot for breakfast. If that's the case, just get the burger with the fried egg on it to make you feel more at home. Yeah, you read that right: a fried egg on a burger.

EdgewaterWhen it comes to south county, I know I’ve got a lot to learn but my current favorite place to grab a burger is . Their endless topping options and pure beef patties leave me full without feeling—most of the time.

Broadneck— offers, as one of our users put it, "the best bacon cheeseburger in town." Definitely worth checking out if you get a chance, and are in the Cape St. Claire area around lunchtime.

Pasadena—While personally, I am not a big burger fan, I did recently visit The  and the people I went with really seemed to enjoy their new stuffed burgers. You can pick from a burger stuffed with bacon and cheddar, pepperoni and cheese, spicy jack, or ham and Swiss. I was told that having the flavors stuffed into the patty adds a whole new taste to a delicious burger.

Bowie—If you like a classic burger, the Old Town Burger at the  offers a half pound of Angus beef with your choice of toppings.

What did we leave of the list? Where's your favorite spot in the area to satisfy your burger craving?


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