Four Seasons Residents to Get New Power Lines

BGE plans to replace underground cables near about 100 homes in the community, in order to improve the reliability of electricity.

Residents of Four Seasons will be getting new underground power cables later this year, as part of a plan by Baltimore Gas & Electric to improve service in the community. 

The cables will be replaced in an area impacting roughly 100 homes in a community that has suffered frequent and lengthy power outages following recent storms. 

Officials from BGE outlined the company's plans at a community meeting Tuesday and said work could begin this spring and will take several weeks to a month. 

The area getting new lines is located on the south side of Waugh Chapel Road, roughly between Wintergreen Way and Maytime Drive, including April Dawn Way. Officials said the work will require the digging up of existing lines, but that customers should not experience a loss of power during the replacement.  

Four Seasons has been unusually hard hit by power outages in recent years. Last year, BGE customers there lost power for several days after the derecho storm and Hurricane Sandy, and some residents complained of outages lasting more than a week. One resident noted that he had two power outages of longer than a week, representing nearly 2 percent of the entire year. 

BGE officials cautioned that the new cables will not prevent all power outages from occurring, especially after severe storms. But they acknowledged that many power outages have been the result of "cable faults" which can happen as power lines age or become damaged due to water, heat or other stresses. 

BGE officials also noted that while power lines in the community are largely underground, feeder lines from the Waugh Chapel Substation are not. BGE said some outages were the result of trees impacting above-ground power lines stretching along Waugh Chapel Road. 

"Almost all communities are supplied by overhead lines somewhere," Michael Garzon, a supevisor with BGE Customer Relations Support. 

Garzon said BGE will also send a forester to examine trees in the area for health and sturdiness. He said the company is gathering more intelligence about trees to determine which are more likely to fall onto power lines and which require the most maintenance. 


Charlie February 14, 2013 at 12:27 AM
I am glad to hear this and it is about time!
Dave February 14, 2013 at 01:57 AM
What about the outages that impact Piney Orchard? The area near The Island off of Strawberry Lake Way seems to have very unreliable power. The cause seems to be the tree growth along the WB&A trail. Will BG&E send the forester to inspect that area?
Jeff Andrade February 14, 2013 at 02:19 AM
Dave, all of the power lines in Piney Orchard are already underground and relatively new, including some of the feeder line to the Summers Run substation. Problem is both the overhead feeder lines from Waugh Chapel Substation along Waugh Chapel Road, as well as the lines down the WB&A you mention. Every break along the chain is going to create a problem.


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