Greater Annapolis Residents Hit Stores to Prepare for Irene

Home Depot is staying open 24 hours a day until the hurricane hits, while water is flying off area grocery shelves.

Greater Annapolis residents are wasting no time preparing for Hurricane Irene.

And at least one retailer is making it much more convenient for them to get ready.

on Defense Highway has announced it will remain open 24 hours a day until the storm hits. Signs posted at the entrance Thursday evening alerted the throngs of shoppers who were hitting the hardware store to stock up.

But they quickly found out the store had sold out of generators and sandbags. D cell batteries were scooped up as soon as they were put on display.

Stacks of sump pumps greeted shoppers near the entrance, as did wide push brooms and other cleaning supplies, flashlights and wet/dry shopvacs.

A store employee said delivery trucks will be arriving overnight and throughout the coming days with shipments of generators and sandbags and other supplies from Home Depot stores in the west.

The supermarket on Forest Drive also faced a wave of shoppers looking to buy all the supplies they needed. As of Thursday night, the store was out of bottled water.

A store representative said they will not have water until Saturday, though a shipment on Friday could bring some in to the store.

A little up the road at , an employee said they still had some water as of Thursday evening, though they suggested getting there early Friday to get what you need.

on Generals Highway also saw a rush of shoppers Thursday evening, even minutes before closing time at 8:30 p.m.

They were out of D cell batteries, though most other items, such as bottled water, cleaning supplies and toilet paper, appeared to be in good supply.


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