PHOTOS: Hundreds Line Up for Forever 21 Opening

The opportunity to snag one of 300 gift cards to the new store in Westfield Annapolis mall brought approximately 350 people out Saturday morning.

's new, two-story location in opened Saturday to huge crowds, thanks to a giveaway of 300 gift cards.

Approximately 350 people lined up starting at 7 a.m. Saturday for their chance to be the lucky winner to take home a $210 gift card.

The Hawkins family camped out in the mall parking lot the night before to ensure their prime spots towards the front of the line. The group joked around and relaxed on the floor for nearly three hours before the doors opened at 10 a.m.

Sheree Hawkins said the group would pool their money should any of them win the $210 gift card, but her brother George Hawkins joked that "we'll lay them out for it."

The store gave out 300 gift cards, but only one of them was worth $210. The majority of the cards were worth $10. Shoppers also had the opportunity to be entered into a raffle for one of two outfits showcased on mannequins.

Zack Wilson, 11, arrived around 8 a.m. Saturday and waited in line with his mother behind the entrance to Game Stop. He said he came out because he wanted to surprise his 14-year-old sister with a gift card for no reason other than he thought she would like it.

Once the store opened and he saw the men's section, Zack was leaning towards buying a shirt for himself with his $10 card.

Quinn Conlan read a book at the front of the line. She said she showed up a little before 7 a.m. Saturday to secure her spot as No. 1.

"Well, I want the free gift card," Conlan said.

She said she would be a little disappointed if her hours of waiting resulted in one of the $10 cards, but she said "it's just a few hours of my life."

When the store opened, Conlan did end up with one of the $10 cards, and said she planned to put it towards the purchase of a purse.

In the end, Conlan said the wait was worth it because she got to read her book, attend a store opening and she made some new friends with the people in line behind her.

Anna Staver July 18, 2012 at 01:51 AM
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