PHOTO: Horse Boutique Displays Humor After Car Crash

The owners of the Main Street shop have posted a tongue and cheek sign while it undergoes rennovations due to a parallel parking mishap.

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. 

And when someone crashes a car through the front window of your store, you put up a humorous sign.

At least that's the thinking at the Horse Boutique at 158 Main St.

A young driver crashed a sport utility vehicle through the front of the downtown Annapolis store while attempting to parallel park on Saturday morning. The accident resulted in two minor injuries, and the store suffered cosmetic damage.

The boutique and building owners quickly rushed to clear the broken glass and build a temporary, plywood wall until repairs can be made—which are estimated to take about two weeks.

Until the new window goes in, passersby who may have missed Saturday's accident, can deduce why the storefront is covered up with plywood by reading the sign:

The drive-thru is currently closed. Please PARK before entering. Thanks, Horse Boutique.


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