PHOTOS: Artist Paints Mural on Fleet Street

Local artist Mary Bowen spent part of the weekend painting a mural on the Fleet Street wall of Chez Amis in Annapolis.

Local artist Mary Bowen spent part of her weekend climbing up and down a ladder on Fleet Street in order to paint a mural on the wall of Chez Amis Bed and Breakfast

"This was one big, tan wall," Bowen said. 

The blank facade is now covered with a faux window, bicycle and Wisteria. 

Chez Amis owner Elly Tierney won approval for the design from the Historic Preservation Commission at its Sept. 11 meeting despite some objections from area residents, who were concerned it would violate the historic aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Bowen thinks the artwork enhances the space and offers a conversation piece, and she isn't worried about whether everyone will love it.

"I think being confident as an artist means you have to be comfortable with your work," Bowen said. "Elly spent a lot of time thinking about the design and her neighbors concerns."

Passersby—including state Sen. John Astle (D-Annapolis)—offered positive comments while Bowen painted the mural. Of the half-a-dozen people Patch encountered, all of them said they were pleased by the change.

Bowen often paused to chat with people and invite them to return to see the finished product. 

"It reminds me a bit of Paris," Bowen said. "The art that was there on the street beautifies it."


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