What Does Odenton Want for Christmas?

Here's a look at what the town is hoping for as we head into 2013.

If Odenton were to sit on Santa's lap, it might have a long list of requests. 

From new businesses to road improvements, there are many things that the town could use in 2013. But will Santa come through?

Here's a look at Odenton's Christmas list. 

A New Grocery Store - Early in 2012, there was hope that landlords at the Odenton Shopping Center would secure a lease for the vacant Superfresh site. But that hasn't happened yet, leaving many residents frustrated. Perhaps 2013 will bring a new grocer to Odenton. 

Apartment Leases - There are hundreds of apartment units under construction in Odenton. It would be a shame to see them empty, so here's to hoping developers have luck in finding tenants in the coming year. 

Money for Roads - This is a long shot, but everyone is hoping to see some state funds for road improvements and other infrastructure upgrades in Odenton. At the very least, officials in town should be able to prioritize projects to grab money stemming from impact fees in town. 

Starbucks? - We know some real estate brokers are going after the coffee chain hard. Will the company sign on?

Some State Titles - Local high school sports teams had good years, but no one brought home the top prize. Will anyone win a state championship at Arundel, Old Mill or Meade High in 2013?

Jeff Andrade December 27, 2012 at 12:24 PM
Chris, first, you couldn't afford to buy in my neighborhood. Second, POCA fees have not gone up in 5 years and are actually lower now than they were in 2008. The association is on a solid financial foundation and anyone driving through PO can see how well we maintain our common areas and facilities. We have an active, friendly community with dedicated volunteers serving in POCA, condo and HOAs, schools, scouting, sports and other community organizations, where neighbors watch out for one another and where we work very closely with local police to help keep our neighborhoods safe. The inspection you refer to was started right after the new management company came on board (a change you opposed btw) and we have been working down the punchlist of big and small items all through 2012, and have everything on maintenance schedule to keep them looking good and maximize their useful life. In 2013, we will be tackling the 22-year pld Community Center interior, as well as redoing our 20-year replacement plan. Given the bad financial shape that you left your HOA in as Treasurer -- which your former neighbors are still trying to dig out from -- I doubt anyone listens to you anywhere. Do us all a favor and don't come back. Nobody here misses you.
Scott DiBiasio December 27, 2012 at 03:02 PM
I love it! Getting accused of things when I haven't even been on here in ages. I see things haven't changed any, and some people are just as arrogant as ever. Will be interesting to see what the POCA Board does now that Mr. Olszanowski has resigned his seat. I'm sure it will be filled with some Dolben crony. Maybe they can get somebody that lives a little bit closer to PO than did Mr. Olszanowski? Or maybe hell will freeze over and they'll actually appoint someone that isn't a Dolben crony and actually lives in PO? You've probably got better odds at the soon to be active craps tables at Maryland Live!
Chris Cockrell December 27, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Jeff, Your spin is laughable... You make the claim that home values have gone up and POCA fees have gone down, but If dues are based on a percentage of home values and fees are lower for homeowners that would indicate the valuation on their home has dropped not increased. I never opposed a new management company taking over POCA.. My only concerns regarding that matter were if the employees who worked out of the community center would be able to retain their positions with the new management company, and you refused to answer that question on multiple ocasions. As for the new mgmt company taking the responsibilty of overseeing the upkeep and maintenance of all properties w/i PO when they took over, that is a false statement.. I have countless e-mails to indicate otherwise.. As I stated on my previous post, you are talking out of both ends regarding my time as treasurer for SR... You make a general claim backed up by nothing. Can you provide specifics as to what I did that created this hole that you speak of... Like I said, the only fiscal decision that I was a part of was a new tot lot...Period!!!
Chris Cockrell December 27, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Scott, you are dead on with your point... unless you meet the agenda of a few you have no chance of being on that board. When the teen age resident ran for office and was gaining traction it was quickly stifled with words of wisdom to dissuade residents from voting for him... JB had his title of Vice President stripped away for having a different opinion.... your comments at a recent POCA meeting were spot on as well... BOD should not use their position on public sites regarding matters that due not pertain to PO... I may have disagreed w/ some of your positions but at least you would have my ear to voice your opinions and a discussion could/would occur.. It does not work that way with this group.
Charl Snowden December 29, 2012 at 03:29 AM
I just heard that the President of the Community Association of Pihney Orchard has resigned?


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