$1K in Copper Stolen Near Germantown Elementary

This is the second theft from the old elementary school's construction site.

Approximately $1,000 in copper fittings and adapters was stolen from a storage room near Germantown Elementary sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, according to Annapolis police.

The new elementary school was built in 2010 next its old building, which is undergoing renovations. It's slated to become the new home of the Phoenix Center—a special needs K-12 school that will serve children with emotional disabilities.

The construction site has multiple contractors and subcontractors on site during the week. The general contractor secures the building each evening, and the foreman told police he thought all the doors were locked on Monday afternoon.

Police noted in their report that the person or persons only stole the copper, leaving behind valuable tools and materials.

The incident is the second time thieves have hit the school during construction. On Dec. 28, someone stole $500 in tools from the site when a worker went on his lunch break.


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