POLL: How Would You Address City Events Issues?

The issue will be discussed tonight at a City Dock Advisory Committee meeting.

Events in the city of Annapolis, particularly downtown, and communication around events have been a major issue in the last year.

Two specific events that drew huge public discussion were the TriRock Triathlon in May and festivals this summer, particularly Summer at City Dock.

Some of the specific issues of focus have been how they affect businesses, communicating to residents about events, selecting which events are held downtown and the presence of vendors at these events.

Here are a couple of past stories we’ve covered on the topic:


Tonight at 7 p.m. the City Dock Advisory Committee (CDAC) will meet at the Roger W. Pip Moyer Community Recreation Center. One of the topics on the agenda is a discussion on the city’s events policy and procedure with event coordinator Michelle LeFurge.

Back in July, Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen addressed the issue on his blog. In that blog post, some of the major points of focus Cohen identified were: supporting downtown businesses, creating a vibrant downtown and vendors in the historic district.

The item in the agenda is posed as the following.

An Inquiry and Conversation: What Issues Should be Addressed by a Revised Events Policy for the City of Annapolis?

So we’d like to pose the question to you. What do you see as the key issues?


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