Poll: What Do You Think About the Extra Seating Near the Market House?

The 10 tables are set up as part of a trial project, under initiatives set forth by the City Dock Advisory Committee.

From now through the end of the boat shows on Oct. 17 part of Market Space is being used for extra outdoor seating near the Market House.

According to a recent news release from the city of Annapolis, 10 4’x4’ tables with four chairs each are set up along the nine parking spots adjacent to Hopkins’ Plaza. The extra seating is part of a pilot program and each table will have flowers provided by Homestead Gardens.

This trial project follows the City Dock Advisory Committee’s recent initiatives and “will provide feedback and direction as the redesign of Hopkins Plaza and Market Space gets underway,” according to the release.

During phase one when the group released its report of guiding visions and principles for improving the area, the committee recommended “to pursue a series of ‘cheap and experimental’ projects to test ideas that could potentially be incorporated into the Master Plan," according to the release.

The group also recommended that the city work with the Department of Public Works on improvements to the Market House, to make sure they are coherent with overall plans for the area.

The tables will only be set up during the trial period from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. to allow for business deliveries in the morning and parking in the evening, according to the release.

Craig Purcell October 10, 2011 at 11:51 AM
Please get rid of the junk plastic furniture as this isn't a carnival up Richie Highway -- otherwise as a progenitor and advocate for sidewalk cafes I heartily approve of such experimentation and would urge the "Powers That Be" study William Holly Whyte and his work . Read his book "The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces". Let us hope the minority of complainers don't win out yet again and let their bile spoil a beautiful place while bowing to the demands of the automobile. It is time for Annapolis to lead once again in the handling of it's historic resources and culture of city building. Do not listen to the barbarian suburbanite mindset that advocates for more parking and less people spaces rather but stay true to your genetic code laid out in 1695 by Nicholson.


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