Quilt Maker Displays 'Ground Zero' Quilt in Memory of 9/11

A Lothian woman was starting a new quilt in 2001 when she got news of the terror attacks.

All of us can think back 10 years ago and know the exact time and place we were when we heard the tragic events unfolding on Sept. 11.

For quiltmaker Georgina Fries of Lothian, she had just started cutting fabric for a new quilt. When her son called and told her to turn on the television, like the rest of us, she said she couldn't believe what she saw.

Over the next six months, the fabric she held in her hand on that morning took shape into a beautiful quilt with a pattern flowing out from the center. Fries named the quilt "Ground Zero."

On the backside of the quilt she worked in an unusual quilting style, with strips of fabric representing the layers of the ground the Twin Towers stood on.

Georgina and her husband Richard have heard many people say they don't want to remember that day, but this quilt gives a subtle reminder of what our country went through.

More recently, the Fries have peiced together a feed sack quilt in honor of the troops who have returned home. This smaller quilt is made of antique feed sack material with red, white and blue colors.  

The Fries own Bellwether Dry Goods in Lothian, where they make and sell antique-style handmade quilts in their home.

"Ground Zero" will be the centerpiece of their display on Sept. 11 at the Sully Quilt and Textile Show and Sale in Chantilly, VA .


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