Top 5 Stories: Annapolis Officer Assaulted, New Sidewalks

Here's a quick look back at the biggest headlines of the week in Annapolis.

No. 1—Glen Burnie Man Charged With Assaulting Annapolis Officer

An arrested Glen Burnie man being transported from court back to the detention center allegedly kicked an officer in the stomach while being loaded into a van and also stole the policeman's cell phone. Bena Forrester, 29, already was under arrest for allegedly tampering with cars in Murray Hill. Added to those charges were second-degree assault, failure to obey a lawful order, reckless endangerment and theft of less than $1,000.

No. 2—Council To Meet About Crownsville Golf Course

Annapolis City Council will meet in a closed session to discuss the city’s legal interest in the Eisenhower Golf Course on Monday at 6 p.m. The city has been considering the sale or lease of the 208-acre Crownsville property since November 2011.

No. 3—11 Annapolis Liquor Vendors Cited in Sting

Officers cited 11 area businesses for selling alcohol to an under-age person during a police sting last week, according to the Annapolis Police Department. At the Eastport Democratic Club on State Street, the cadet reportedly approached the bar and asked for a Miller Light beer, according to the police report. Once she was served, the cadet excused herself and an Annapolis police officer then cited the club.

No. 4—Man Stabbed 4 Times While Walking Home

A 42-year-old Annapolis man suffered life threatening injuries after someone repeatedly stabbed him while he was walking home around midnight on Monday. Someone stabbed the man four times, and police said he was "bleeding profusely" when they arrived on scene. 

No. 5–MD Finishes Paving the Way Into Annapolis

The SHA spent six months and $1.8 million to bring the sidewalks into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That meant widening walkways to at least five feet, installing curb ramps, adding 12 crosswalks, relocating fire hydrants, utility poles and constructing sidewalk “bump outs” to provide a safe path around obstacles that could not be relocated.


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