Top 5 Stories: Annapolis Election Results and Bus Shelters

Here's a quick look back at the biggest headlines of the week in Annapolis.

No. 1— and Annapolis Voted For Barack Obama
Analysis of how Annapolis voted in the presidential election and the statewide ballot questions. Both stories compare Annapolis' results to Anne Arundel County and Maryland and include the results for each city polling place.

No. 2—Voters Set to Approve All Anne Arundel County Charter Amendments
Anne Arundel County voters approved all 15 county charter amendments by a landslide. Some charter amendments sailed through the polls with a 90 percent approval vote, with the lowest being 61 percent.

No. 3—Bus Shelters Slowly Return to Annapolis
Bus shelters are starting to reappear at stops around Annapolis more than two months after the deadline Creative Outdoor Advertising (COA) gave the city. The first nine were installed this week, but city parking specialist Iain Banks said it could be four more weeks before the next nine are put in place. City bus riders have been without shelters since February.

No. 4—Annapolis Man Accused of Murder-For-Hire Plot Heads to Trial
An Annapolis man accused of trying to hire a man from Virginia to murder his wife will face trial on April 22 in Loudon County, VA. He was arrested in Virginia in August after Leesburg police said he traveled there for a final meeting with an undercover officer posing as a hitman. 

No. 5—Bongino Accuses Sobhani of Campaign Ethics Violation
The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland is accusing the Independent of violating federal election law by sending out robocalls on Sunday night that didn't include an authority line. Bongino said his campaign would go forward with the FEC complaint even if he lost the election. Bongino lost to incumbent Sen. Bed Cardin on Tuesday night. Cardin won 53 percent of the vote.


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