Rozalia Project Highlights Marine Debris Problem

The Annapolis Environmental Club hosted the education and clean up event at the Annapolis Harbor.

Pants, a cloth napkin and a glass.

That's what members of the Rozalia Project and the Annapolis Environmental Club discovered in the Annapolis Harbor during a Thursday demonstration to raise awareness about marine debris.

The Rozalia Project is a Vermont-based nonprofit organization that travels nationwide, educates people on polluted waters and actively works to remove the trash.

Rachael Miller, the founder and director of the Rozalia Project, said marine debris is an increasing problem.

"Our organization doesn't just go around lecturing about the issue," Miller said. "We go around and pick up the trash too."

For the demonstration, Miller and her colleague Rachel Inver Moffa used an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV) to find marine debris. The underwater images were viewed on a laptop.

"Adults act like kids with excitement when they see what's down there," Miller said.

Johna Ozcok, an Annapolis resident, said she came out to the event because she cares about the environment.

"I consider myself a globalist not a nationalist," Ozcok said. "I think we have a huge problem."

During the demonstration, someone threw a bottle into harbor from a balcony at the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel, which was near where the event was hosted.

"Therein lies the problem," said Joe Maheady, a Baltimore resident. "People not caring. They don't see the ramifications of their actions."

Margaret Barker, a Shady Side resident, was also troubled by the incident.

"How do you change that mindset?" Barker said. "That would have never occurred to me to do something like that. What is the difference in mindset? The key concept and the key word is connection."


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