Keeping Fit Around Annapolis During the Season

Fitting in an hour of exercise is easier said than done during he holiday season, but here's some tips to combine holiday chores and a fitness routine.

I am a fitness writer, which means not only do I write, but I am supposed to live a fit life.

I am supposed to get in my workouts no matter what. But I am here to tell you, it's always easy. When people write me to say they just can’t work fitness into their schedule, I get it.

Most of us lead extremely busy lives and even if we have already made fitness a part of our lives, there are still days when we find it difficult to take an hour out of our day to get in a run, bike, swim or class.

This is especially true during the holiday season. With parties, shopping and decorating added to our already busy schedules, it would be easy to skip a workout here and there in order to get everything done. But it is exactly because of this busy schedule that we should avoid skipping a workout.

Fitness can be our sanity saver. With the added stress of the holidays, we can use fitness to reduce stress and gather our thoughts. But how do we fit it in?

This year, I have decided to experiment a bit with holiday multitasking, combining workouts with holiday chores or traditions.

  1. Mall walking—One of the easiest ways to multitask during the holidays is to head to , down to City Dock or over to first thing in the morning and walk while organizing a gift list and checking out any sales along the way.
    It will be less crowded than any other part of the day, but you will not be alone in this endeavor as the mall is busy every morning with people who have worked mall walking into their daily routines throughout the year. Once you are done with your walk, the stores begin to open and you can finish your shopping before most people even make it to the stores.
  2. Stationary Bike—I have come to love my stationary bike in the past couple of weeks. Thanks to Annapolis Triathlon member Mark Facciani, my iPad and two telephones, I have discovered an incredible way to add at least an hour to each day by working from my bike. I have written articles, taken telephone calls and completed several reading assignments while working from the bike.
  3. Christmas Light Socializing—I adopted this idea from the Severna Park Peloton. Last year, club members organized a ride through the lights in a Severna Park neighborhood followed by a party at one of the club members' homes.
    I love this idea and expanded on it. I have now started running with one of my children at a time or meeting a friend for an evening run through the lights. This gives me the chance to get into the Christmas spirit, while enjoying the company of friends and family, but also keeps me from socializing around a plate of cookies or other holiday fare.

The holiday season is still the busiest time of year for me as a work-at-home wife and mom, but with a little creativity and a lot of patience, it is getting easier to fit in a workout.   

Beth Rubin December 06, 2011 at 01:39 PM
I run to the refrigerator. If I make it down 2 flights from my office (without falling), I reward myself with a cookie or handful of nuts.


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