Spice Up Your Work Outs With Fresh Resolutions

Tired of the same New Year's Resolutions? Annapolis has a lot of options to make things more interesting.

With Christmas behind us and the new year, looming many of us are starting to work on goals and resolutions for 2012.

There are the old standbys—lose weight, eat healthier, work on being better organized. These are all great goals, but they are also—if I might speak frankly, just a little boring.

This year, instead of the standard set of resolutions, why not push the limits a little? Why not aim high?

This year, instead of resolving to simply workout more, aim high by scheduling a race and telling all of your friends and family about it. If you have 100 pounds to lose, look at a 5K.

If you have less to lose, look at a longer distance—a 10K or even the Annapolis 10-miler.

If you have already run a race or two, sign up for the Annapolis Striders' Championship Series and commit to running all eight races, ranging in distance from 1 mile to 16 miles. Better yet register for your first marathon.

If you run marathons, sign up for an ultra marathon. Whatever the case, shoot for the stars and stop worrying about the weight-loss goal. Instead focus on the race goal you set for yourself.

If you have resolved to eat healthier, I applaud you. I believe that with exercise, a proper diet is the best gift we can give to ourselves and our families. But why be boring? Why sit down to chicken, rice and a vegetable each night dreading the lack of taste.

Instead, check out one of the cooking lessons at The Chesapeake School of Cooking or visit Barnes and Noble and buy a cookbook with tasty healthy meals.

Make eating healthy an adventure. Each week try one new recipe or one new vegetable or fruit you have never tried. Make your new diet fun and exciting.

If your resolution is to become more organized, don’t just clean out your garage and your basement throwing everything in one big pile for Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Instead, divide things a bit and look for local charities that can use specific items. Contact FoodlinkBirthrightLight House Shelter or your local church and find out what items they are in need of right now. Not only will you be organizing your house better, but you will be truly helping someone in your community.

Last year my New Year’s resolution was to become a more social runner. I lived up to that resolution and have enjoyed every minute of it.

This year though I am going to continue being a social runner I am upping the ante a bit. I am not only going to be more social, but I am going to make it a mission to bring new runners into my social running circle.

As we get older, whether we are just entering adulthood or are growing into a new stage of life, our lives become more routine, more settled and often more boring.

Make this the year that you had a little adventure to your resolutions. Make this the year of fun.


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