Man Draws Gun on Repo Agent

Police say the agent was about to get out of her car when two men approached—one of whom was displaying a handgun.

A female repossession agent had a gun pulled on her by two men in the 1100 block of Madison Street on Monday, according to Annapolis Police.

Police said the Thomas Repo LLC agent pulled up next to a 2005 Acura—for which she had repossession papers—in a parking lot around 4:30 p.m.

She told police she was about to get out of her car to verify the Acura's VIN number when she saw two men walking toward her.

One man grabbed a roof rack on the rear of her car, and the other man approached the driver side window and pointed a silver handgun at the agent.

She told police she hit the gas pedal and sped out of the parking lot—possibly causing the man grabbing her roof rack to fall.

Her company later repossessed the vehicle in question, according to the police report. Police identified the vehicle's registered owner, but officers were unable to locate him.


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