Man Visits Mother, Discovers House Broken Into

A man discovered his mother's house was burglarized after he went to see if she had returned from vacation.

A 72-year-old man went to see if his mother had returned from her trip only to discover her home in the 100 block of Clay Street had been burglarized, according to Annapolis Police.

The man arrived at his mother's house on Tuesday around noon to see if she had returned from her out of town trip, police said. He discovered a window broken and glass all over the kitchen floor. He told police he then saw the back porch door, which leads to the house, was also open.

The police and the man searched the house, but found no one. Several drawers and two jewelry boxes appeared to be rummaged through, but the man didn't know if anything was missing.

He called his mother, who said she would be home in the next few days and would tell police if anything was missing.

A neighbor reported that she didn't notice anything suspicious in the last few days.

D.W. October 11, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Now, all the other crackheads that live on Clay St. know the house will be empty for the "next few days". Probably strip the place clean of copper piping.


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