Owner Offers $500 Reward For Stolen Stuffed Goat

The replica of Navy mascot "Bill the Goat" was stolen from a car during the home game against Indiana on Oct. 20.

The owners of a stuffed "Bill the Goat" named Fearless are offering a $500 reward for its safe return, according to signs posted around the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Ron Carlberg, the goat's owner, told police he brought the stuffed animal to his Class of 1961 tailgate party for the Oct. 20 Navy game against Indiana. He left it inside his jeep during the game, but he forgot to roll up a window.

The life-sized stuffed replica of the Naval Academy's mascot is valued at more than $600, and Carlberg's wife and daughter bought it for him a decade ago.

"We can't find another one like it anywhere," Carlberg said. "It's been a lot of fun to have. It's become the class of '61 mascot."

Carlberg posted flyers at the stadium two weeks ago and someone gave him a picture they took of a man walking out with the goat from Oct. 20. Carlberg said the man's daughter had asked for a picture with the goat, and he'd captured an image of the "goat's owner" as well.

"I am going to be printing up a bunch of flyers with his face and handing them out at the game tomorrow," Carlber said. "Hopefully this man will do the honorable thing and return the goat."

Carlsberg said the thief could drop it off at an Annapolis fire station with a note or even just bring it to Carlberg directly during Saturday's tailgate for Navy's final home game.

"If he came back to my tailgate tomorrow with the goat and said he's sorry, then all would be forgiven," Carlberg said. "I just want the goat back."

He said he wouldn't press charges if the goat is returned, but "if somebody turns him in, I'll definitely pay out the $500 reward."

If you know where the goat is, Carlberg can be reached at 1-703-864-2940.

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