Photos: Police, Community Celebrate National Night Out

The Annapolis Police Department brought dogs, robots, hotdogs and even Santa Claus to the Annapolis Gardens Community for National Night Out on Tuesday evening.

"We are very proud to be part of the community," Police Chief Michael Pristoop said. "What we do as officers is just one small part of building safer neighborhoods."

The fire department brought its bomb disposal robot called a Talon. It's one of two in Anne Arundel County, and both are owned by Annapolis. 

Carroll Spriggs, an investigator for the Annapolis Fire Marshall, said the robots are sent all over the county to investigate suspicious packages.

But on Tuesday night the robot roamed around the parking lot for recreational purposes.

"It's great entertainment for the kids. Unfortunately, we won't let them drive it," Spriggs said "If they weren't so expensive, we might let them drive." 

Volunteers from Touchstones Discussion Project spent the evening painting faces. Kada Fagan, 9, asked for a rainbow because she "liked the pot of gold at the end."

Fagan friends Kelisha Abrims, 8, and Justyn Weston, 4, also decided on rainbows. The three girls live in the Annapolis Gardens Community, and said they were enjoying the evening.

The crowd cheered loudly during the K-9 demonstrations where police and fire officials demonstrated what their dogs can do.

Even Alderman Mathew Silverman got into the act. He donned a padded suit and let Rexo, a 7-year-old German shepherd that works with the fire department, tackle him to the ground.

Chris Tucker heads the Annapolis Police Department's K-9 Unit. He said that while the take downs are a crowd pleaser, in reality the dogs are commanded to attack as a "very last resort after a suspect has been given every opportunity to surrender."


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