Police Investigate Shooting in Annapolis

Two men with handguns confronted another man as he got of out his car on Saturday morning. Police said they shot him in the hand as he tried to run away.

Two men with handguns shot a 31-year-old man as he tried to run away on Hicks Avenue at about 4 a.m. on Saturday, according to a police report.

Detective Amy Miguez said the victim had just parked his car on Hicks Avenue near Dorsey Avenue when he was confronted by two men with handguns.

"It appeared to be maybe some kind of attempted robbery because they said something to him like 'where's the shit,'" Miguez said. 

The man told police he immediately started to run and heard three gunshots fired before he felt a bullet go through his hand. Miguez said the man said he waited a few minutes before returning to his vehicle. He then drove himself to where we he was treated and released that same morning.

Miguez said the victim said he didn't get a good look at his assailants and couldn't provide police with a description.

"There's not a lot to this right now," Miguez said. "But we're definitely looking into it to see if anyone in the area noticed anything unusual."


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