Woman Catches Man Stealing TV From House

Annapolis police report that a woman stopped a man from stealing her family's 50" LCD television by threatening him with a kitchen knife.

A woman threatened to throw a knife at a burglar she caught trying to steal a television from her family's Severn Island Court house on Saturday, according to Annapolis Police.

The woman, who was staying at a family member's house, decided not to join them on an outing and went to the basement to take a nap on Saturday around 1:30 p.m., Police said.

She told police she heard noises coming from upstairs just a few minutes after her family left the house, so she got up to investigate. She reported finding a man exiting the kitchen sliding door with a 50" LCD projection television.

The woman told police she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened to throw it at him if he stole the television.

The suspect dropped the television on the deck, and he fled into the woods behind the house.

The rear sliding door was unlocked and only the screen slider was closed when the man broke in.


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