City to Close Parking, Repave Market Space

Annapolis is going to mill and repave Market Space during the week of Oct. 22.

Parking on Market Space will be limited or non existent during the week of Oct. 22 because Annapolis workers are repaving the street.

"We cannot tell you in advance what parking or loading zones may be available," stated a notice delivered to downtown residents on Monday. "It may be possible that there will be no parking or loading/unloading available at certain times during construction."

The noticed called the repaving a "continually moving operation" and stated that access to Market Space could change on an hourly basis. 

Vendors who service area businesses will have a new, designated space on Dock Street to load and unload their goods from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. each day during construction. Flagmen will also be out directing traffic.

The city promised last spring that it would "mill, repave and install new pavement markings and parking space lines" to "freshen up the area" in preparation for the re-opening of the Market House, according to the notice.

Officials chose the week of Oct. 22 because it's before the holiday rush but after the boat shows.

"It is one of the quietest weeks of the year," according to the notice. "By the time paving season returns in the spring, the tourists and spring shopping will have also returned." 


Patch will post updates about parking on Market Space throughout the week on Twitter. You can follow @AnnapolisPatch on Twitter by clicking here.


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