Committee Presents Ideas for City Dock

The 25-member City Dock Advisory Committee presented its roughly 90-page report to the Annapolis City Council Thursday.

The City Dock Advisory Committee (CDAC), and tasked with re-envisioning the downtown City Dock area, presented its findings to the Annapolis City Council during a work session Thursday afternoon.

The committee was made up of 25 people, with Kurt L. Schmoke serving as its chairman.

The group’s “Visions and Guiding Principles” can be viewed online here and accompanies this story. A shortened version of “talking points” is also available on the committee’s website.

The committee’s report focused on six main areas

  • The importance of the various viewsheds in Annapolis, which include the harbor, Eastport, Main Street and the bay, among others and protecting them.
  • Parking and transit—The group’s report looks at ways to reduce cars at City Dock, particularly to allow for more access to the water. It also looks at installing “way-finding signage.”
  • Focusing on the area of Market Space, Hopkins Plaza and Market House.
  • Looking at both car and pedestrian traffic flow.
  • Focusing on Compromise Street as “a gateway to City Dock.”
  • Establishing a “stand-alone management entity that would be established to ensure that the City Dock and surrounding area is a clean, safe, and inviting space. The sole responsibility of this management group is to brand the image of a beautiful historic seaport.”

“We hope that the guiding principals are some that you can accept and adapt as we move to the next phase. We view this as not the end, but just as reaching an important step.,” Schmoke said.

The group will resume its meetings in September, the CDAC website states.

Jenny Clagett July 10, 2012 at 04:19 PM
The City should turn the parking lot into a park and put a ferris wheel at the end. The City should own and manage the ferris wheel. Also, the City should start renting out the stalls at the market house and stop trying to turn over City owned assets to private parties. 100% of the rent needs to go directly to the City and no crony.


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