Letter to the Editor: Caution Needed on Key School Development

While he enjoys the Key School and what it's brought to his area, resident Ray Sullivan is wary of the school's plans to develop an adjacent golf course.

To my friends and neighbors in Hillsmere, Annapolis Roads and Key School:
I have lived in Hillsmere for 11 years. Many of you know me from my involvement in the community here and around environmental and other quality of life issues.
Key School has been a good neighbor in Hillsmere, and I am glad they are here.

They have a good long term relationship with the community. We regularly us their buildings for our community meetings. We also work with them on storm water and environmental issues. They have a wonderful book fair every year that I always attend.

The presence of Key School in the center of Hillsmere gives our community a unique character. If they were not the then there would be many more houses. 

The main complaint in Hillsmere in relation to the school has been traffic and speeding. There is a lot of traffic at around 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Key School has been very responsive in mitigating these ongoing issues. The Key School liaison formerly served on the Hillsmere board and is very accessible. 
The question for us is how will the development of the golf course by Key School affect all of us. It is hard to believe that Annapolis Roads will not suffer a negative impact; not just the adjacent houses. Also, if the covenants are violated will there be additional development other than athletic fields?

Despite the good intentions of Key School I am very concerned that one developer in particular is looking to take advantage of the situation to destroy the covenants and develop part of this property.

It is extremely disconcerting that a County Councilman from outside our district proposed a change in the law that would allow this to happen.
I am also concerned about what effect there will be to Hillsmere. There will be additional traffic to and from the fields. If the Key School expands that would also add additional traffic. Any additional traffic to and from Key School to Annapolis Roads will also effect the already over stressed Forest Drive corridor and other communities.
I ask Key School not to move forward without the consent of the surrounding communities; especially Annapolis Roads.
I ask my neighbors in Hillsmere to support Annapolis Roads in their efforts to preserve their community.
I urge all to attend the meeting at Georgetown East Elementary on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

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