Market House Saga Continues with More Renovations

Council to consider spending about $300,000 to help make the interior more accommodating for diners and customers.

The question to spend another $300,000 on the Market House in downtown Annapolis set off yet another lengthy debate at City Council's last meeting.

Alderman Ross Arnett (D-Ward 8) while again voicing his concern of spending more money on the troubled City Dock landmark, said he also was concerned that the request for money came to council before it was reviewed by the Finance Committee.

The council held off a decision that night and referred the funding request back to the committee, which Arnett chairs.

According to a recent story in The Baltimore Sun, the Finance Committee approved the money for the next slate of renovations.

Some of the key components of the project include renovating the inside of the Market House to create seating along the windows facing City Dock and expanding the women's restroom.

A story in The Capital said the ongoing renovations, including the current to handle the heating and cooling, could push back the opening date until August.


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