Annapolis Mayor Fires City Manager Mallinoff

Mayor Pantelides said Mallinoff would help the transition to the next manager.

Former Annapolis City Manager Mike Mallinoff. (Photo by D. Frank Smith)
Former Annapolis City Manager Mike Mallinoff. (Photo by D. Frank Smith)
In the third major departure from Annapolis City Hall in a month, Mayor Mike Pantelides has asked City Manager Mike Mallinoff to step down.

The city manager is essentially the boss of all city employees, but it's a position that serves at the will of the mayor. On Wednesday, the mayor exercised this power, as first reported by The Capital.

“Mr. Mallinoff has served the city and its citizens well,” Pantelides said in a written statement.  “He leaves behind a legacy of bringing transparency to city government and its finances. I admire Mike and thank him for staying on to help the administration during the transition.” 

Until a permanent replacement is found, Assistant City Manager Virginia Burke will serve as acting city manager. 

“Mike brought stability and professionalism to city governance over the last three years,” Burke said in a written statement.

Under Mallinoff's term as manager, he helped guide the city over several financial hurdles and implemented several best practices, including: "citizen surveys, performance measurement, and monthly reporting on expenditures, revenues, overtime," according to a press release.

Mallinoff had been city manager since 2010, and was previously the city manager for Newport, RI, and also the director of the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs in Annapolis.

Last week, former city planning director Jon Arason was also asked to step down by the mayor after more than 25 years with the city. A national search has been initiated to find his replacement. 

Pantelides has also replaced the city attorney with one he has experience with, Timothy Murnane. However, Murnane's official appointment has yet to be made, and is expected next week.
Anthony Capurro January 10, 2014 at 10:22 AM
Outstanding leadership Mike. You are making the decisions that Mayor Cohen should have made during the last year of his term. By changing the management you will find a fresh perspective and ideas that will create a more positive and open discussion on stagnated projects. Well done. You are off to a great start.
Mark January 10, 2014 at 07:52 PM
So this is how it's done, Mayor-In-Training? Making wholesale firings to career employees because they don't conform to your politics? The "Sweep Annapolis Clean" pendulum will surely swing your way swiftly in your brief and unpleasant stay in the grown up world of City Management.
Anthony Capurro January 11, 2014 at 08:27 AM
Ironically it was the democrat run city council that planned to strip the Newly Elected mayor if his powers due to his political affiliation. Also, the new mayor has much more experience politically if you know his background. He may be new to the position but has already shown what needs to be done and that us to make changes with stagnant, career minded (not city interest minded) individuals. Looks like he's keeping his campaign promise to me.
Mark January 11, 2014 at 03:25 PM
Oh pu-leeze. Arason was public supporter of Crystal Spring / The Mayor in Training hates Crystal Spring. Nothing more than another Governor Christie type move here. No one lines up with you politically? Fire them. I personally hope that the wholesale firings lead to a nice class-action lawsuit.


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