Mayor Picks Up Debris with Public Works Crews After Irene

Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen started around Spa Road Thursday morning and continued throughout various parts of Annapolis, including Wardour.

As storm cleanup continues, Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen spent much of Thursday morning working alongside crews from the city's Department of Public Works to see the efforts firsthand.

The mayor started around Spa Road at about 6 a.m. and continued throughout various parts of the city, including Wardour—a community in West Annapolis that was particularly hard-hit by Tropical Storm Irene.

Rhonda Wardlaw, a city spokeswoman, said the purpose for Cohen working alongside the crews was twofold. First, it gave him a chance to understand the workload and see the debris firsthand. It also allowed him to see if there is ample staff to get what is needed done, Wardlaw said.

While Friday is a furlough day for city offices, officials said DPW crews will continue to work and their furlough day will be rescheduled.

Wardlaw said when council resumes this fall members will start looking at cost-saving measures for waste collection, which includes the possibility of contracting the service out.

This follows a rate increase for these services, which was voted on in the FY2012 budget.

According to a city press release, a Request For Proposal (RFP) is being drafted now and is expected to be completed in October. The council will debate on the issue and make a decision before next year's budget, officials said in the release.

“The key to this really is that its fair on both sides. That it’s not biased toward city forces or contractors,” Public Works Director David Jarrell said.

Elise Handelman September 03, 2011 at 07:06 PM
I think this is a great example of Josh Cohen's vigor and committment to the city. He demonstrates a strong work ethic and sense of team play with this video. I will be one of the many folks who will work hard to keep him in office when re-election time comes up!!


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