Plans Unveiled For City Dock Transformation

Proposed renovations to City Dock in Annapolis would add parks, eliminate parking and change Memorial Circle into a T-intersection.

Less parking, more green space and an outdoor dining area next to the Market House are all part of a committee's plans for the transformation of City Dock.

Chris Jakubiak, an urban planner hired by the city, said the goal is to take the public's feedback from its last public meeting on Friday and incorporate those comments into a final plan to be presented to the City Council in November.

Jakubiak has been working with the 25-member City Dock Advisory Committee, which lawmakers created in 2010. It's goal is to re-envision the downtown City Dock area. 

If you couldn't make it to the meeting on Thursday night, here's an overview of the key changes the committee proposed:

Eliminate Memorial Circle
Jakubiak said the plan is to convert the tree-filled circle into a standard T-intersection because it increases "the amount of space that we can devote to public open space, and it improves traffic efficiency."

Cut City Dock Parking in Half
The plan calls for the reduction of parking on Dock Street from 199 spots down to 90. The parking spaces are slated to become parks and pedestrian walkways. Jakubiak said there are plans to possibly have valet parking in the 54 spots left next to Susan Campell Park for special events in order to increase the amount of available spaces during peak usage.

Raise Susan Campell Park
The plans would resdesign the park at the tip of Dock Street and raise it above the flood zone so that trees and plants could be planted.

Build Outdoor Seating Area Next to Market House
The plans call for the extension of the space next to Market House to create an outdoor seating area. Jakubiak called the area "a really important space to enliven and activate the Market House. You could buy food, sit outside and eat it, or you could hold special events there."

Relocate the Harbormaster’s Building
The plans call for relocating the Harbormaster’s Building and incorporating it into a new four to five story building that would replace Phillips Crab Deck. Jakubiak said this would give visitors downtown a better sight line of the water. The crab deck property belongs to the National Sailing Center and Hall of Fame, which plans to convert the space into a museum as soon as it can raise the funds.

Redevelop Additional Dock Street Properties
The plans also include redeveloping 110 Dock St. Jakubiak wants the building to "go taller and essentially build on the same footprint." He envisions a restaurant and shopping on the ground floor with apartments or condos above. He also suggested parking be provided for the building in a private, internal garage. 


What do you think about the plans?

Homer, Otto & Olivia October 02, 2012 at 07:02 PM
I agree - I think taking away all that parking will make it a nightmare. Annapolis is one of the few places that still has charm. That is why I go there. Please don't commercialize it!!
Patrick Miller October 02, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Downtown Annapolis is never going to have the parking ratio that the Mall or Parole has. In order for businesses to thrive, the City should figure out ways to increase the average length of time a visitor stays in downtown. The plan does a great job of increasing the amount of public space so that people can spend additional time in downtown. Currently there are few public places to sit; this plan would increase the amount of shared space, thereby increase the average amount of time people spent, thereby helping downtown businesses. Well done.
Marina October 02, 2012 at 08:34 PM
When the City puts its hands on something that work in Annapolis has the ability to mess it up... Leave the City Dock alone and focus in helping small business and residents !!!
Conlyn October 03, 2012 at 02:48 AM
I'm not supposed to negative! BUT, I don't know where the designer comes from, but I don't think he has been in Annapois very long and I don't know who made these recommendations. I lived and worked in Annapois for 18 years before moving to south county. I have worked on the city dock setting up the first 10 boat shows, moved the docks/pilings in /out, driven commercial/pleasure craft in/out, marched in the Memorial Day Parade for the last many days, and visited the C.D. as a tourist since 1966. I think doing away with the existing parking would be a BIG mistake, I do have a handicap now in my bonus years, so where would I park at the end of the parade? Good luck on stopping the periodic flooding of the C.D. caused by Mother Nature. Raise the pavement and the level of the park grounds if you must, but leave the parking spaces alone.
Heather Hinkle November 27, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Ugh. City of Annapolis always messing with things that need not be messed with. Spend that time and money on the existing businesses and residents. And bulldoze market house. You've already screwed that up beyond repair. Put your seating and greenery there. Done. Move on.


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