Ward 5 Alderman Resigns From City Council

Alderman Mathew Silverman cited new responsibilities associated with his job at the Department of Justice as his reason.

Alderman Mathew Silverman (D-5th Ward) has resigned from office citing new responsibilities associated with his job at the Department of Justice.

"My new position will require that I be on-call around-the-clock, ready for deployment at any time," Silverman wrote in a letter of resignation to Mayor Josh Cohen. "I am proud to have worked with such a talented group of individuals as that which makes up the Annapolis City Council."

Silverman, 33, stated that these new duties could compromise the amount of time he had to devote to constituents. His resignation will be effective Dec. 2.

"Mat's increased responsibilities at the Department of Justice are a testament to his work ethic and dedication," Cohen said in a press release. "I respect his decision to step down from the Council as being in the best interests of the city and his constituents whom he represents, but the Council will feel the loss."

Silverman was serving his first term after being elected with more than 60 percent of the vote in 2009. He served on the council's Public Safety Committee and worked as an Anne Arundel County police officer prior to his job at the Department of Justice.

His resignation will not trigger a special election because it's within 15 months of the next city election. According to City Code, the central committee for his political party will appoint a replacement.

Silverman is a Democrat, and Cohen said he notified Kitty Higgins, chair of the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee, verbally and will notify her in writing next week.

Higgins will have five days from the time she receives written notification to schedule a public hearing where her committee will interview applicants and vote on a replacement.

The mayor will administer the oath of office to the newly appointed alderperson at the following City Council meeting.


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