Anne Arundel Schools Release Snow Day Schedule Modification Survey Results

Board received almost 7,600 responses from parents.

The Anne Arundel County Board of Education conducted a survey from Dec. 20, 2013, through Feb. 4, 2014, to gather data on how parents, students, employees and others feel about modifying the current school schedule to one which starts and ends all school instructional schedules 13 minutes later. 

The scenario parents were asked to comment on would result in no changes in the length of the current instructional day. 

The Board has not proposed or adopted any changes in start times for the current or coming school year.  

The survey was designed to provide a vehicle for input which will be used to help inform further Board discussions.

Detailed results of this survey are available below:

Total Responses – 7,555

Total Responses - This data provides a graphical representation of respondents by category selected as well as a breakdown of how respondents affiliated with each level of school replied to the question of whether they would favor moving start times later by 13 minutes for the next school year. 

Responses by School Category (NOTE: Opinions of parents with children in multiple grade levels could be reflected in more than one chart below) 
Demographic total (parent, student, employee, other) - Provides one result for every person regardless of affiliation. So, for example, it would be correct to report that 51 percent of respondents to the survey oppose the 13-minute shift idea next year and 49 percent favor it. 

Comments Summary - A compilation of responses that appear exactly as they were submitted (unedited). The survey tool was not set up to disaggregate these responses by category.


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