Key School Officials Pledge to Be A Good Neighbor

Key School leaders said their plan will help preserve the open space of the Annapolis Golf Club and they will use the land for athletic fields and environmental education programs.

Key School officials said the Annapolis Golf Club is a key component of the school's strategic long-range plan it recently adopted, according to a release from the school.

Part of that planning involves expanding and enhancing the school's outdoor education and environmental studies, as well as its athletics, according to the release.

School leaders pledged to work closely with Annapolis Roads residents as they move forward with plans to re-use the 70-plus acre area.

“I have deep roots in both of these wonderful communities," Key School Board President Wes Jones said in a release. "I have lived in Annapolis Roads for 13 years and have had children attending Key since 1997. Key has a strong social consciousness and a robust commitment to the environment.

School officials outlined their plan and how it would mesh with the Annapolis Roads community. From a letter school officials sent to parents earlier this week:

  • Community Covenants Align with Key’s Vision
    Key intends to make use of the property for the instructional purposes identified above. There are detailed and specific covenants on the property that transfer to Key’s ownership. These covenants restrict the use to open space, recreational, conservation, and horticultural use. These restrictions align with the School’s values and the purpose for which the property was acquired.
  • Reciprocal Use of Property
    The School’s administration intends to collaborate with the community to determine ways the residents of Annapolis Roads can access the property. Key has a proven track record; the administration has worked closely with the residents of Hillsmere Shores to make our Hillsmere campus available to the homeowners’ improvement association (HSIA), as well as to individual residents, on a regular basis. We look forward to forging a similarly reciprocal relationship with our neighbors in Annapolis Roads.
  • Key’s Commitment to Annapolis Roads
    We believe our purchase/acquisition of this extraordinary property ensures its preservation and protection. Our administration and Board of Trustees are committed to stewarding the land and to honoring its inherent value. We will do our best to forge strong relationships with the residents as we come to know one another better and work in concert. Key School is committed to being a good neighbor.
  • Impact on Community
    As a good neighbor, we will proactively assess ways to mitigate traffic and noise concerns. Specifically, we will create a new entrance near the front of the property to ensure that traffic in the neighborhood is minimized and to cut travel time for our students and teachers. Whenever possible, we will use buses when transporting students into Annapolis Roads. Key School is a member of the Independent Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM) and the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA). Virtually all athletic events take place directly afterschool, during daylight hours, and contests are usually over by 6:30 p.m. The School has no plans to install amplified speaker systems or lights on the property. While there will be students at work and play on the property, we do not anticipate noise being an issue for our neighbors. When using the property for academic classes or athletic contests, students and spectators will be expected to conduct themselves in the same manner they do when on the Hillsmere campus.

"It’s a school where outdoor and environmental education and athletics are core elements of the program," Jones said in the release. "Key does good things for children and for the community. I am proud of these qualities and believe that we’ll enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with Annapolis Roads.”

Key's Director of Finance and Operations Ken Piel also said the school is committed being a good Annapolis Roads neighbor.

“We hope to find ways for the residents of Annapolis Roads to have access to the property, much as we have cooperated with our neighbors in Hillsmere Shores,” Piel said in the release.

Mike December 06, 2011 at 06:50 PM
It is easy to say that they don't want lights, Saturday and Sunday games, and other changes today. But, things change over time. Can you imagine 100 or more cars coming to games or to pick up kids? Can you imagine a line of traffic on Bayridge road to get into Annapolis Roads or a line of traffice to exit Carrollton? That's not quality of life.
Annapolis born December 06, 2011 at 07:01 PM
Why dont you visit Hillsmere and see what the traffice does there!
RGM December 07, 2011 at 06:54 PM
Maybe they will fund an off ramp or a roundabout or two to help with the congestion. Sure do not want DPWT to get involved - like the Muddy Creek/Mayo Road debacle.


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