NBC News Highlights Annapolis High's Achievements

A national news team covered the academic impact of the school's "Honors for All" program.

Annapolis High School was visited by a film crew from NBC Nightly News this week to review how a slightly different approach to honors classes has helped to failing minority students achieve success at the school.

Principal Don Lilley told NBC that "a culture of change," had enveloped AHS, and has contributed to rising grades among minority students. When he arrived at the school nine years ago, Lilley said white students thrived, but minority students were failing.

In 2012, a program that opens the doors of honors-level courses to all students—not just high-grade earners. The idea was to raise the bar of expectation for all.

The move received criticism from parents, who felt that teachers might not be able to keep up with an honors classroom suddenly thrust into such academic diversity.

But Lilley said it has worked. NBC news reported that achievement at the school has gone up among African-Americans and Hispanic students, partly as a result of the honors program.

Read the full story, and watch the video clip at NBC News.

Janet June 13, 2013 at 02:55 PM
AACPS sacrifices the smart kids by dumbing-down classes so everyone gets good grades. They don't raise the "bar of expectation for all." They lower it and call it an honors class.
Karen Essen June 13, 2013 at 03:05 PM
Totally awesome! And next year they're introducing Varsity For All, where EVERYBODY can be the quarterback...YAY!!!


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