Valley View Illinois State Scholars List Grows 30%

Selection of Illinois State Scholars is based on SAT, ACT, PSAE and class rank.

More than 100 Valley View School District 365U high school seniors have been named Illinois State scholars in honor of their high levels of academic achievement. That’s a 10 percent increase over last year and a nearly 30 percent increase over the past two years.

Selection of Illinois State Scholars is based on SAT, ACT and/or Prairie State Achievement Exam scores, and/or class rank at the end of junior year.

Illinois State Scholars from Romeoville High School include: Adebowale Adelabu, Diane Alkatout, Bethany Beggs, Megan Boots, Nicolas Carreto, Ceara Floyd, Nathan Ford, Mary Gitogo, Marcus Gonzalez, Gabrielle Habeeb, Joshua Hamilton, Kaitlyn  Hammock, Sayed Hasnain, Natalie Holste, Nicole Jeffrey, Keith Jett, Janette Joerger, Taylor Lefaiver, Arkadiusz Magdziak, Michael Maloney, Faith Mancol, Mary  Martino, Nicolas Miller, Michael Murray, Ann Natale, Aidan Ortiz, Theodore Padal, Michael Page, Sindhu Paul, David Ridderhoff, Cynthia Romero, Nicholas Sodt, Kelli Sweeney, and Melissa Widel.

Bolingbrook High School’s Illinois State Scholars are: Nali E Asamoah, Alexa L Baltsen, Jasmine K Bavaro, Simone LBeckley, Cherisse L Belser, Brady J Bettis, Sandeep N Bharadwaj, Brandi M Binkley, Yessenia Calleros, Victoria I Carbonell, Jacob D Carter, Shane S Cook, Conner D Coventry, Nakema T Davis, Anita L De Witt, Rinky D Desai, Alyssa P Dieckhaus, Amy L Edwards, George G Enriquez, Alan Favela, Michelle L Fernandez, Daniel Flores, Sandra A Folarin,

Also: Tarah L Freeman, David A Fulmer, John T Gambon, Brianna M Gieseler, Nickolas R Goodell, Delaney C Gould, Zennon J Hill, Miranda L Hillesheim, Brianna M Holmes, Vivian Huynh, Michael R Johnson, Kristena N Johnson-Wise, Abby E Kieffer, Ashley E Kuntz, Gerald P Langosch, Rachel R Lapidus, Andrew Limthongviratn, Michelle L Luna, Michael P Madden, Lindsey N McKeever, Phoebe-Kirstin D Mondala, Danielle T Morrow, Nwafor A Nwoke,

Also: Nneka O Onyejiaka, Leah C Pape, Milan K Patel, Samantha J Patterson, Conner W Petruzzi, Marvin A Polanco, Brian K Rao, Joanna P Reinecke, Jakelin Sanchez, Anmol K Sanghera, Andrea T Santiago, Antonia S Santos, Kelsey J Schaeflein, Kristen E Schorsch, Nicolas E Serhan,Jennifer S Sienko, Casey G Stark, Kiran F Syed, Stephanie A Vavrina, Hannah E Wangler, Hannah Y Wiafe, Amanda C Wijangco, Ashley R Wijangco, Nicole E Wood, Sarah E Wortham, Jihad M Yaghi, Akua A Yeboah-Sampong, and Yumna B Zaidi.

Two years ago VVSD totaled 81 Illinois State Scholars. Last year that number grew to 95. This year, the total is 105.

Editor's note: This is a press release from Valley View School District 365U. 

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