No Room at the Inn: SPCA Turns Away Cats

For the first time, the SPCA of Anne Arundel County has such an overflow of cats and kittens that it has created a waiting list.

Spring has arrived and with it comes baby animals. In the case of the , that means lots of kittens.

The number of cats and kittens at the shelter has grown to more than 250, and SPCA employee Jenell Maunder said employees created a waiting list for people looking to surrender their cat or kitten.

The waiting list just started, but Maunder anticipates it could grow because right now is just the beginning of "kitten season"—the time when most kittens are dropped off to her shelter.

"How long they have to wait will really depends on when we have space open," Maunder said.

Maunder advised that people with litters of kittens wait until they are 8 weeks old before bringing them to a shelter because they cannot be adopted out any younger.

"Kittens are a priority, so we try to get them in as quickly as possible," Maunder said.

It will still cost you $70 to adopt a kitten, but cat adoptions will be free all summer long. The normal fee is $45 per cat, Maunder said. 

"Keep in mind that it covers the animal being spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped," Maunder said.

All the adult cats adopted during the summer will still receive these perks free of charge. 

There is still room at the shelter for dogs in need of a home.

Lynn Hopkins June 10, 2012 at 12:52 PM
This is disturbing at so many levels and really points out the fact that the State of Maryland general assembly must get off their butts and enact State supported spay/neuter. A task force was created last year to study the pet overpopulation issue in Maryland and failed to obtain their objective because the Governor did not appoint representatives until it was too late to really accomplish anything. An extension of the task force was requested and it was granted and I hope they use the nine million the State is currently using for breed specific legislation and enforcement against a breed of dog that doesn't even exist (pit bull is NOT a breed)and put it towards low cost spay/neuter. One of the task force's questions was where will the money to support low cost spay/neuter come from. I have just proposed the solution. Nine million could spay or neuter a lot of animals.
Dana Disborough June 11, 2012 at 03:44 PM
I adopted an adult female cat 2.5 years ago and she's been the best cat I could ever ask for. I strongly encourage looking at adult cats as options, if possible. I'm sorry to hear that there are too many felines at the SPCA right now. I've known this has been an increasing challenge and I wish there was a magic (and quick) answer to fix this...


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