Woman Unharmed After Tree Crashes Into Her Bedroom

Amanda Shank celebrated four months cancer free just hours before Friday night's storm brought a tree and the roof crashing down on top of her.

Nancy Shank had just laid down in bed Friday night when she saw a flash of lighting out the window of her home on Coachway at approximately 11 p.m. 

"The next thing I knew I heard a huge boom and a scream," Shank said.

The scream came from her daughter Amanda Shank. A large poplar tree on their property had fallen tearing through the house, and it came to a stop right above her bed.

"It actually felt like an earthquake," Amanda Shank said. "I actually didn't see the tree at first. I tried to sit up; that's when the trusses from the roof and all the insulation fell on me. I didn't think; I just ran out."

Amanda Shank lives in Arlington, VA. She was in Annapolis this weekend for her three month checkup with her oncologist.

She is four months cancer free after a battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and the two women spent the afternoon celebrating.

Her mom Nancy Shank said, "We had a great day up until the tree came down. After everything she's been through, I think she must have guardian angels."

Nancy Shank said after the poplar ripped through the second floor, water started pouring into their home running down the walls and even leaking through onto the first floor and the basement.

"Every bedroom is now ventilated to the sky," she said. 

The two women spent the remainder of the night in the kitchen trying to sleep until they could get contractors out Saturday to look at the damage.

"The tree people said that if it wasn't for our second chimney, that tree would have cut through the house right down to the basement like butter," Nancy Shank said. "So, we would have been dead."

The contractors also advised the Shanks to stay with family or friends until the structural integrity of the home can be evaluated. 

The three is also too large to cut up, and the Shanks will have to wait until Sunday or Monday for a crane to come and pull the tree out before repairs can begin.

Amanda Shank said she is going to hold off on returning to Virginia for now. 

She said, "I'm going to stay with them to help them and to take care of them."

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Jessica Johns July 01, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Thank god for the second chimney! Congrats on beating cancer !


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