VIDEO: Plebes Learn to Salute During Induction Day 2012

Plebes (freshman) at the U.S. Naval Academy were issued their first uniforms and learned to salute as apart of their induction Thursday.

As part of Induction Day for the class of 2016, Naval Academy recruits are given hair cuts, issued clothing and finally turned over first class midshipmen (seniors) for summer training.

That training starts with learning how to salute. 

Ensign Dave Galluch said this is the first time incoming freshman will meet their trainers, and it's the first time anyone has yelled at them all day.

He said it can be stressful for those recruits coming straight out of high school.

"It's a tough place to be at because it's extremely demanding athletically, physically, mentally and certainly academically, but after you leave you get a true perspective," Galluch said. "I consider myself lucky to have gone here." 

The ceremony is scheduled to run until 1 p.m. Thursday. 


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