3 Stores Caught Selling Tobacco To Underage Customer In Annapolis: Police


The Annapolis Police Department on Tuesday announced that it caught Royal Farms selling tobacco to an underage customer. The Royal Farms is pictured above in Eastport on a different day. (Google Maps)

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Police said they caught three Annapolis stores selling tobacco to an underage customer. Seventeen businesses passed their checks.

Officers on Tuesday announced that these shops failed the test:

  • Shell gas station (2006 West Street)
  • Vitola 121 (121 Main Street)
  • Royal Farms (424 Sixth Street)

This was Royal Farms' second violation in six months, authorities said, noting that the infractions were by different workers.

Police said these establishments passed their inspection:

  • Pinky West Street Liquors (1100 West Street)
  • Quick Mart (900 West Street)
  • 7-Eleven (611 Taylor Avenue)
  • Pantry-1 (1090 Spa Road)
  • AL Goodies (112 Main Street)
  • Main Street Mini Mart (222 Main Street)
  • Annapolis Wine & Spirits (1307 Forest Drive)
  • Safeway (1781 Forest Drive)
  • Chesapeake Pipe & Cigar (45 Old Solomon’s Island Road; Suite-15)
  • 7-Eleven (111 West Street)
  • Parole Liquors (2125 Forest Drive)
  • Gritz Liquors (34 West Street)
  • Forest Drive Liquors (1910 Forest Drive)
  • Carroll Fuels (210 Ridgely Avenue)
  • BP (910 West Street)
  • Capitol Liquors (249 West Street)
  • Chesapeake Market (502 S. Cherry Grove Avenue)

The Annapolis Police Department sent an underage and undercover cadet to each business on Nov. 27. 

The cadet then tried to buy tobacco or electronic smoking devices. Buyers must be at least 21 to purchase these items.

Selling tobacco products to underage customers is a criminal misdemeanor that carries a $300 fine for first-time offenders.

The operation was funded with a grant from the Anne Arundel County Department of Health. 

"Congratulations to the businesses that passed and please continue to keep up the good work," the Annapolis Police Department said in a press release.

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    Wouldn't it be great if there were a system in place to fine the southern border smugglers and drug dealers for selling fentanyl to under age kids?
    Oh that's right, there's no way for us to tell who's coming in over our southern border and what they're intentions are.

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